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For those that like some challenge
Taurenjay / Aug 19, 2019 / Raids
I know one day I'll fall for an oath
I just spend all of my life on the run looking over my shoulder
Now I burn down every door I ever shut
When you light my fire

Great job on the achievement guys. Didn't get to take a proper screenshot, so here's some TJ love for you

Tanks: Blushweaver, Divinemender

Heals: , Adorejana, Taurenjay

Rdps: Peekaboe,Sonicslash, Afwasborstel

Mdps: Redcheeks, Luifei, Juggernog
Taurenjay / Aug 04, 2019 / Raids

First of all, welcome to the new members who joined after our weekly 25m run!
And of course great job on our first ICC25HC run.
8/12 bosses on Heroic cleared with 10 pugs in the raid, is worth a cheerios!!.

Welcome to the following players:

And the below aswell, even though not through the ICC25 run.